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About me

Hi there, my name is Ross Hays and, in case you haven't already figured it out, this is my personal website. I graduated in 2015 from The Ohio State University with a major in Computer Science and Engineering and a minor in Physics. Since then I have been working at a company called DRB Systems in Akron, Ohio that makes Point-of-Sale systems and tunnel software for carwashes. I previously interned with this company between my Junior and Senior years of college, and was kept on to work remotely after going back to school. I am deeply interested in computer science, obsessed with functional programming, and always trying to find ways to make things simpler with technology.


Our current project at work is converting an older configuration tool for the point-of-sales system from a windows program to a single page application. We are using a C# ASP.NET WebAPI server that is installed locally on our customers PC. From there we use WebSockets and a NodeJS server to connect from anywhere via an AngularJS web application. I was personally responsible for prototyping this project and have since become largely in charge of the framework behind everything (API requests, session manangement & authorization, security, etc.). I am also the sole maintainer/developer for another of our products called StatWatch. This product manages live statistics for each carwash, allowing our customers to see up to date statistics, alerts, and predictions. This involves developing an Android app, iOS app, website, and PHP backend.
I am always looking to take on new projects, though. So if you would like to work on something together, feel free to contact me.

Personal projects

Although I am currently doing web/full-stack development professionally, I wouldn't say I consider myself to be a web developer. I have an enthusiasm for programming languages and learning new technologies and because of that I am able to quickly adapt to whatever role I am needed / interested in. I like to try and leave enough time in my day to work on some pet projects, and those are really quite varied in scope. My biggest pet project right now is tinkering with a functional programming language, aptly named Tinker. I have also been messing around with web-based remote access tools, a turn based strategy game, and some simple home automation stuff for my apartment.

Other stuff

I don't only program though. I also enjoy running, reading, drawing, travelling, drinking tea, and gaming. Of course there is never enough time in the day, so some of these hobbies can take a back burner to work and side projects from time to time, but I make an effort to travel or relax whenever possible. If you want beat in Overwatch, Dota 2, or Endless Legend, I can probably help with that.


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Whether you're looking to talk about cool new technology, programming langues, or maybe start working on something, I am always open to talk. So don't be shy!

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Twitter: roflha
GitHub: rosshays
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